Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feeding the Guineas

The guineas and their newfound excitement
 The guineas are getting larger and have finally picked up on us giving them insects, usually attached to pieces of a plant. They have been rather shy for some time, but because we have been tossing insects to them, they have come to like our visits to their pen.
 The grasses in our yard have started to seed, and since the guineas have not taken much of a liking to the fruits and rinds we give the chickens, we started giving them the tall grass blades with the seeds.
 They love it! They will thrash around in a pile of grass looking for the seeds immediately after it hits the ground!
It will not be long before the guineas will be ready to be let out during the day in order to free range for their food and explore the property.  See how bright orange their legs and feet are.  That is characteristic of keets or young guinea fowl.  As adults they will have dark legs and feet.

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