Thursday, July 26, 2012

Catching Up!

Tomatoes have taken over our house!
The summer has gotten away from us! We have only had time to post photos and a few highlights here and there on our Facebook page lately and are sincerely apologetic for not posting more on our blog! We have been inundated with tomatoes up until we had a lot of rain about a week ago. Now we are suffering some blight and losing some of our plants. Feast or famine!
Our booth at the Burlington Downtown Farmer's Market
We have been at the Burlington Downtown Farmer's Market since early May. It has been great to meet people interested in eating fresh produce and learning about other local farms in the area.
Josh continues to grow.  He is almost the same size as Sophie and still has more growing to go!
Concrete pad for the basement and foundation walls going up! 
One of the more time-consuming projects we have been endeavoring has been the construction of our future home. It will be very exciting to share the development of this project with you in the future!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's tomato time!
The tomatoes are really beginning to come in now which is one benefit to the hot weather we've been having.  Seeing small okra on the plants is another.  I've already dehydrated some Principe Borghese tomatoes and now I have pot of mixed heirlooms cooking down to be processed through the food mill for juice or tomato puree.  A pot of tomatoes is a pretty sight!  We'll enjoy them all winter long!