Sunday, May 13, 2012


Josh and the goats

Livestock guardian dogs may not be playmates to humans, but they are playmates to one another. Having two livestock guardian dogs is often recommended as it keeps them from trying to "play" with the animals they are intended to guard and protect. It is also helpful sometimes to have a "team" of dogs to work together.  Sofie and our newest guardian dog, Josh, are bonding as Josh grows larger. Josh has been penned up with the goats in order to learn about living with them and vice versa.  We put Sofie in with Josh and the goats daily in order for the two dogs to bond as well. They enjoy romping with one another and chasing each other in the pen. When Josh grows big enough & learns his job, he and Sofie will be able to work the pastures together.
Sofie and Josh romping

More romping


Relaxing after romping

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