Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Guineas and Chickens

The guineas and Dottie the chicken roosting together
The three guineas that remain from our original six have taken to living with the various groups of chickens on the farm. They spend their nights in Hen-a-Bago II and their days generally wandering with the group of chickens free ranging near our house. We have had a few close calls with the road being nearby, but no accidents thus far.
Guineas poking their heads out of the Hen-a-Bago II

Guineas in the chicken roost
They still haphazardly wander around the farm making lots of noise, but, until recently, always found their way back to the chicken coop for the night.  For some reason they've decided to roost outside again.  At first they alternated between a large cedar tree and the fence-top around the coop.  Now they choose to stay in the vicinity of the stationary coop near the tool shed and, so far, they're surviving.
Guineas wandering the lane

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