Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomatoes in the Ground

It has been a warm spring, so our tomato plants went into the ground a little earlier than what might have been recommended with more normal weather. The temperatures have been ranging from the 40s (Fahrenheit) to the 80s as early as March and April. We hit 90 degrees on the second day of May!
Dew on the tomato plant

Morning beads of dew on the tomato plant
We did have a few troublesome situations early on though.

Shortly after getting the tomatoes in the ground we had a frost warning. The previous frost/freeze warning we had resulted in 31 degree temperatures in our greenhouse and a neighboring farm, Emmaus Farm, lost many of their tomato plants in their greenhouse to freezing. With this thought in mind, we frantically gathered as many buckets and covers as we could in order to get everything sheltered for the night. Luckily, this second frost/freeze warning did not result in really low temperatures. A few of our early varieties of tomatoes already have blooms, too, so we may have some big, red tomatoes by early summer!

We've been so busy planting that this post is a little late getting posted.  The tomatoes are so big now we'd never be able to cover them!  We now have green tomatoes on many plants--that post is coming.

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