Our hard working staff on the farm:
These are our guineas bumbling around the yard. They will be especially helpful in eating ticks and other bugs. Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell. Alas, we have lost all our guinea staff members. So it is with guineas. We like the picture though so we're keeping it on the page. We can consider them "retired" from active duty.
Rhode Island Red hens
This is one of their early eggs, to which they cock their heads when Jan shows it to them.
Our pastured chickens eat the insects and the weeds from the garden. They also fertilize the soil where they have been and when some are grown, will provide us with food.
Josh is a Great Pyrenees/Maremma mix and will become another of our livestock guardian dogs. 
American Guinea Hogs have joined the farm.
Three KuneKune pigs cooling off.

Sofie is our livestock guardian dog. She is an Akbash/Anatolian shepherd mix. Her job as a livestock guardian dog is to protect the animals from predators. While she is beautiful, she is not a pet! Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell.

We have two goats. These are our pets. They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats, and their names are Tawny
and Simon. They also take care of many of our weeds and keep the areas they are in trimmed.