Tuesday, June 18, 2013


our "new" produce cart!
Late 1800s era wagon from a Tennessee mine, originally used to transport a tank of water.

Charlie purchased this antique wagon (note the iron wheels) a while ago and its conversion to a produce cart is now complete.  Today it went into action for the first time with the last of our tomato and herb starts and the first of our green beans (in the cooler) for sale.  Time will tell if its the eye-catcher we hope it is to those traveling past our farm.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Day at Market

Every Saturday from the first of April until the end of October Wings of Dawn Farm sets up our local, seasonal, chemical-free produce for sale between 8 a.m. and noon at the Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market.  The market is in its 2nd year offering to the community the opportunity to purchase food grown by the farmers at the market as well as products e.g. baked goods and soaps made by those selling them.  Such a market is called a "producers' market" because each vendor has produced the items for sale at their tent. Through this post you can join us for a virtual tour.  If you live in the Burlington area, come see us some Saturday and experience all that the market has to offer.

Saturday was a beautiful day at Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market and a pleasant change from some of the windy, wet weather we've had.  We were able to offer our customers some of the first cucumbers and green beans of the season!  We also had lots of our delicious eggs created by happy hens living on pasture and eating organic feed free of antibiotics, medications, or genetically modified grains.    

It was an exciting morning as we watched the preparations for Company Shops Market's 2nd anniversary celebration going on near us.  

As part of the anniversary celebration, a sign painter worked all morning to complete the sign on the back of the building.  We had a direct view of this work as it progressed.
Our market manager set up a display about the Farmers' Market.
Eddie, Allison and Bronwyn from Asgard Farm sold soaps made from their Nubian goats' milk
as well as whole broilers and eggs from their pastured chickens.

Ellen from Boywood Farm stands behind piles of chard, cabbage, summer squash, potatoes, beets and beautiful cutting boards made by Gary (who's off visiting T5).

Carnivorous Plants offers Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants
propagated by Victor and Melissa.
Noah and his grandpa Arwood are manning the table at T5 today and enjoying a visit from Gary who wandered over from Boywood.  T5 has a variety of vegetables, chicken, eggs, pork and beef for sale each week.
We had a special treat on Saturday when a family of musicians
came to market to play Bluegrass during an Open Jam session.  
Glen Marie Vineyards & Winery sells wine and a lot of good veggies.

You can even get a massage at Burlington Downtown Farmers' Market. 

Some vendors were not at market today, including Be Happy Bakery, Yardbird Kitchen and Bluebird Sun Farm.  We have a couple new vendors arriving soon also.  Each week is exciting and new as the offerings change with the seasonal availability of the produce.  Be in touch with the harmony of the natural order and shop at a "producers only" Farmers' Market near you where you can purchase fresh, local food, supporting your health and the health of your community.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Checking on the bees

Bees require a fair amount of attention.  Lloyd Lee opened the hives to assure the bees were settling into their new homes and building the honeycomb needed for the hives survival.
Happy beekeeper!

The bees are doing their job.  Each capped honeycomb represents an egg deposited by the queen and developing into a bee.  The expression "busy as a bee" takes on new meaning when one sees bees in action.

And where is the bee suit, Lloyd Lee?

Back into the hive to continue their work.