Building the Farm

As beginning farmers, our farm is constantly developing, and we are often constructing new buildings and new ideas!

Sometimes building a farm also requires taking down buildings. We pulled down (literally) this barn and have been putting the lumber and other leftover supplies for other building projects.
Below is our first attempt at a Hen-a-bago. We made it large enough to accommodate our first batch of chickens we hatched for egg layers.

Hen-a-bago I
This is our second Hen-a-bago. Much larger than our first and able to accommodate more chickens. These are our younger chickens, but they have started to lay eggs! This Hen-a-bago is more difficult to move though, you can read more about that on a blog post
The beginnings of Hen-a-bago II

Hen-a-bago II
Fencing always seems to be a necessity for a farm. A lot of fencing has been put in. 

Charlie and our son setting a post. Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell

Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell

We are grateful to the many friends and family who have helped us with building our farm. Here we are having help with building our herb bed. 

A greenhouse was here when we moved in, so we have been working to get it cleaned up and ready for starting seeds later in the winter.

We built a cold frame to feed us through the winter just in case we have another ice storm!

The cold frame loaded with starts.

Charlie building an addition to the tobacco barn for grain storage.

Making progress.

The grain storage fulled with 1 ton totes of chicken feed.