Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gathering Eggs

Our larger chickens on pasture began laying eggs over the last few weeks! We go out at least three times a day to check the nesting boxes and gather eggs.  Because these hens are new at laying eggs, some of the shells are thin and they can break when lots of eggs are in one nest, especially when one more hen decides to sit on them and add to the collection.  Then the nest boxes and the eggs get really messy!  For some reason chickens prefer to enter a nest box that already has eggs in it.  Checking the boxes frequently and collecting any eggs assures cleaner eggs and nest boxes.  The nesting boxes are accessible from the outside by lifting the roof.

Jan checking the nesting boxes

A curious chicken checking out the view from the open nest box.

A hen, possibly sitting on eggs
They are also accessible from the inside where the chickens are able to access the boxes. The hens seem to have a few favorite laying boxes.

There are nesting boxes on either side of the Hen-a-Bago

The chickens seem to be eager layers.  We are now gathering over three dozen eggs each day!

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