Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watermelon Frenzy

Chasing watermelon rind
In August, as member/owners of the Company Shops Market, we received a free watermelon after spending a set amount of money on our groceries. Our free watermelons went to the chickens! For the month of August they were delighted with the treat! We made some videos of the frenzy created when the chickens were fed watermelon.
Below are our older chickens. In general, they are more open to a variety of foods, and like to eat apples. This may be because of their vicinity to the apple trees. They are also better at grabbing the watermelon pieces and shaking it, possibly in order to get more of the fruit off the rind.

One of the chickens with a rind, mid-shake
They also take off with the watermelon in order to escape and try to find a quiet place to eat alone. That fantasy does not last long as there is always several more following behind!

Chicken carting either a piece of melon or a piece of tomato around

Below are our younger chickens. They do not like apples as much as the other flock, but get especially excited about figs and watermelon. It is fun to watch how they grab the watermelon and run with it across the yard.

Chicken running with a melon rind

Checking out the melon rind

Now that it is September, they are not quite as excited with grape skins and cantaloupe rinds!

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