Sunday, April 26, 2015

Chilly Morning

And Mama Hen is hard at work under the heat lamps giving a little extra boost of warm comfort to the 9-day old chicks.
See the 2 little chick heads sticking out from under the Mama Hen? There is another chick on her back. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Broody hens and baby chicks

It's the time of year when most hens lay eggs abundantly and a select few "go broody." A broody hen sits on a nest, even one from which the eggs have been removed because that's what her hormones have programmed her to do. We put our broody hens to work by removing them from their flock and placing them on a nest in which we have put about a dozen fertile (we hope) eggs. Three weeks later we have baby chicks and a Mama Hen to teach them how to be a chicken.

Six broody hens all in a row--5 White Plymouth Rock and 1 New Hampshire Red

This Mama Hen hatched out 6 chicks and is now also taking 45 chicks hatched in our incubator under her care. She was broody for us last year also and is very good mama.