Friday, September 9, 2011

Signs of Fall

While the first day of fall is officially Friday, September 23rd, we have been seeing some signs that it is coming! The trees are starting to change color a little bit. This may have more to do with the lack of rain we have had rather than the onset of fall, but one can be optimistic. We have been having cooler mornings with some heavy dew lately.
Dew on the bean pod
Orb spiders have been popping up all over the farm. One particular one has taken over the herb bed and has made a gorgeous web across the basil.
Orb spider

The vines for the melons and squash have been dying off, meaning that the fruits and squash are about ready to be picked and are at the end of the growing season.

Butternut squash vines dying back
Our second round of beans are finishing up and the plants are dying back. Goodbye, fresh green beans!
Bean plants turning yellow and finishing up
We are looking forward to the fall as the gardens wind down. Perhaps this will give us time to reflect on our season and start planning for next year!

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