Monday, August 8, 2011

A Finished Hen-a-bago II and The Big Move

The newest Hen-a-bago on pasture being inspected by livestock guardian dog, Sofie.
Our newest Hen-a-Bago was recently finished and moved out to pasture. The move was quite an adventure!
Here are photos of the move and all of the obstructions in the way! The Hen-a-bago II got hooked up to the tractor and Jan took control of the wheel.
Getting connected
 Everything looked fine as Jan pulled out with the Hen-a-bago II in tow.

 But then, as she rounded the large tree in the yard, the first obstacle came into view.

The small redbud tree was spaced just a little too close to the larger tree.

Jan did an excellent job of maneuvering the Hen-a-bago II, but it kept butting up against the larger tree and would not make the pass. 

 So Charlie had to cut the tree down!  (The little one, not the big one!)

We thought the gate opening would be the next obstacle, but Jan steered the Hen-a-bago II through smoothly.  Tight squeeze!
 The next obstacle was a small apple tree just on the other side of the gate.
 The decision was made to just drive over it since it will likely get cut down later. This is one of  our apple trees which has a cedar apple rust and we are going to try and replace the infected trees with varieties more resistant to cedar apple rust.

 Amazingly though, it sprang right back!  Fortunately, because it is the goats' favorite tree for munching.  I guess it's a red delicious. ;-)
It looked like there would be another obstacle, but the tractor and Hen-a-bago II fit through!
Once it was onto clear pasture, it was smooth sailing.


  1. Looks like fun day! Wish I could have been there to help! Good job tractor piloting, Jan!

  2. Thanks, Jami! We'll try to plan something equally eventful for your next visit.