Friday, August 26, 2011

Sowing Oats

We recently tilled up one of our upper fields and sowed oats by hand. The oats are a cover crop on a field we are restoring to use for our vegetable garden next year.  If the birds don't eat all the seed before it can germinate we will be giving the soil protection from erosion as well as providing nutrition to the soil and to our chickens this winter.

Charlie filled buckets with the seed.

Then each person took a bucket and, while walking alongside one another, broadcast the seed into the field.

                                                       Charlie, Nathan, Emily and Mike

Then we rolled the oats into the soil. Charlie fashioned a log to roll behind the tractor in order to compress the seed into the soil.

May the oats take root in good soil, making it better and preparing the way for good crops in the years ahead.

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