Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Drying Basil

The basil has reached the end of its growing season. The seed blossoms have been growing tall and gangly, so we decided to cut them back.
While the seed blossoms are pretty, we have been told that they create a bitter flavor in the leaves as they grow taller. They have been growing more rapidly lately and it has been hard to keep up with them!
The seeds inside of the pods are very tiny and will turn black after they mature.
The leaves on the PURPLE BASIL have been beautiful all summer, but recently since it has been getting chillier the edges of the leaves have become brilliantly green.
We made pesto earlier in the summer and have resorted to drying the leaves as we are swamped by everything else coming in at the same time!
Dried basil

Dried basil in jars

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