Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Spiders

As the cooler weather has set in, the spiders have busily been making webs and nests. Our orb spider which has been living in the basil has finally made a very large nest which we discovered the other day while harvesting the basil.
Here is a photo of our orb spider earlier this year:

This strange-looking spider appeared in the okra which is where a lot of strange-looking bugs have been!
If you look closely, it appears that the green-bodied spider is sitting on top of a nest. The legs on this spider are really fascinating! They are almost clear and covered in spiky black hairs. It also has a long, ovoid green body.

 This small spider seems appropriate for Halloween as it approaches. It was hiding on the grapes and was quite a surprise when it appeared!
Look for the orange-topped spider on the grape on the right

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