Thursday, October 6, 2011

Drying Okra

We have been overwhelmed with okra lately as it pushes through for the end of the season. We have been drying so much okra that it seemed about time to take photos of our process! First we rinse the okra and put it on a towel to drain.

 The okra pods are steamed for 3-4 minutes.
Okra in the steaming basket

The steaming basket in the pot on the stove

Our little timer counting down!
 The okra then cools on a rack for a few minutes. These little slimy pods have now become even more slimy!
Cooling okra pods
 Then each pod is sliced up.
Jan slicing okra
Jan has a knack for slicing each pod evenly
 The sliced pieces are put onto a rack in order to be placed in the dehydrator.
Sorting the okra pieces onto the rack

Seven hours later we have dehydrated okra, ready to store for the winter, and to enrich our soups when cold weather brings an end to fresh vegetables.

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