Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Goat Bridge

Goats on their bridge
Our goats are currently living near a small stream on our property. We built a bridge to allow the goats to cross over the stream safely so they could eat the brush in an area that was inaccessible to the bush hog.  Apparently, we really built them a new play toy. Of course, with a goat just about anything is a new play toy.  They enjoy the bridge and play tag on it, running back and forth full speed ahead.
Goat bridge
The goats are no longer cohabiting with the chickens. We were unable to keep them from eating the chicken's grain. We put extra bars on the chicken's feeders so the goats could not put their heads into the feeder, but they then figured out how to just lick the grain out of the feeder! The goats also took great pleasure in climbing on the chicken feeder and rocking it back and forth, which frightened the chickens away and kept them from eating.
Gabe, Simon and Tawny

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