Sunday, April 15, 2012

Full House of Tomatoes!

Greenhouse full of plants & overloaded with 400+ tomato plants
Starting seeds indoors before planting in the soil is important for crops such as tomatoes and peppers that need warm conditions for germination. We have had a more successful germination rate this year than we anticipated and we now have a full house!

All of the tomato plants are heirloom varieties. We are growing 15 heirloom varieties with names such as Sophie's Choice, Brandywine Yellow, Pink Brimmer, San Marzano, Vinson Watts, Principe Borghese, Amy's Apricot and German Johnson.  Each has its own unique characteristics and we expect all to be flavorful.  Fortunately, in the greenhouse, they have all survived the two nights of frost we had earlier this week.
Heirloom tomato plants as well as herbs and marigolds are available at our farm store. Please stop by and pick up plants you may need for your garden!
Reaching for sunlight!

Rows and rows of plants in the greenhouse

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