Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chickens are Omnivores

Checking out the mouse
Chickens, like humans, are omnivores. They eat plants and grain as well as insects. This variety in their diet as free range chickens gives flavor and nutrients to their eggs. Chickens also eat mice and are capable of catching them though around here they serve to help us "clean up" what would go in the compost pile otherwise.  When the mouse population gets too large, Charlie sets some traps and when he finds a  mouse, he tosses the mouse out to the chickens. Here's a short photo essay of what happens.

Going in for the peck

Picking up the mouse

Swinging the mouse around
What we didn't photograph is what happens when the other chickens figure out that one has a tasty treat.  Then, the chase is on!  Whether the prize is a worm, a bug or a mouse the chicken who is "it" has a lot of running to do before she can actually eat what she's found.  Sometimes the finder is not the one who gets the last bite.

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