Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Before and After-- Looking Back at our Animals!

We were looking through our photographs the other day and realizing just how much our animals (or farm staff) have grown over the last season! In this post we share some photos of the "before and after" of the no-longer-babies so you can see how much they have grown! 


Charlie with baby Simon, still at breeder's facility before the kid is old enough to come to the farm.


Getting there, not quite adult yet, but growing larger! 


Babies, our first run of chicks--a straight run mixed variety of heavy, dual-purpose breeds.

Adolescent Rhode Island Reds and Partridge Rocks



Babies aka keets


Getting there, not quite adults, but we are starting to see more of their adult features! 

Unfortunately, we are also seeing fewer guineas as 3 have been taken by predators.  Apparently guineas are especially enjoyed by hungry wild critters such as raccoon and owls who hunt at night when guineas are vulnerable due to their natural desire to roost in trees. We have three surviving guineas who seem to be smart enough to keep themselves alive by sleeping each night in the large hen-a-bago with the Rhode Island Reds and Partridge Rocks. 
Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell
Our guardian livestock dog
The day she arrived at the farm in June 2011.

Adolescent, she still has some growing up to do! 
Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell
Photo, courtesy of Jami Ansell
Our first year with our hard-working staff of animals has been both an adventure and a learning experience! 

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