Friday, January 6, 2012

Not-so-Graceful Guineas

A while ago we let the guineas out of their pen to wander the property. Releasing them has confirmed our suspicion that they are not the brightest critters in the world, particularly when it comes to maneuvering around objects.  They are entertaining when they roost on top of various buildings on the farm. . .

Guineas on top of the brooder house

When it comes to the guineas being separated from one another, they cannot seem to figure out how to go around fences or doors in order to be together again!

 The guineas will spend hours running along fences making noises at one another and trying to figure out how to be reunited. Thus, not-so-graceful guineas!

Also, not so many guineas any more as we lost 2 (during the night) to predators the week before Christmas.  The remaining 3 must be the ones with survival skills because they have not returned to the tree from which the 2 dearly departed were taken and now sleep in the large hen-a-bago with the Rhode Island Reds and Partridge Rocks.  During the day they roam about the farm and, alas, the neighbor's yard.  As the sun begins to set they head back to the roosts inside hen-a-bago 2.  We haven't lost any more so it seems to be a plan that's working for them--and for us.  We like these goofy looking (and acting), noisy, tick-eating guys or gals--we still are not sure what we have.    

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  1. Ann, They are indeed funny critters. I have seen them wear a path out along the fence and then suddenly realize, Hey, I can Fly over this Thing. They seem to get up an fly as a absolute last resort. Sorry to hear that you lost two, but Spring will be here before you know it and you will be finding hopefully nests full of eggs ready to go in the incubator.