Friday, December 30, 2011

A Family Affair

Charlie, Jonathan, Carrie and Jan; Charlie Bucket, too.
Over the Thanksgiving holiday in November two of our children were able to join us on the farm. 
Carrie and Jan (and Baby Ansell, too)
No snow for Jonathan the snowboarder so he happily worked with the machinery and helped dig post holes for the fence.  

 He also helped move the goat house to a new part of the pasture.
When he tried to lure the goats to him in order to hold one, the plan did not work out so well! 
Here, goat, goat, goat. . . 
Here's our daughter, Laurie, during her visit to the farm last year just before Christmas.  She was unable to join us  for Thanksgiving this year. 
If you look closely you can see Laurie's little dog, Sam, by her feet!
It is always a pleasure to have our family here, sharing in our experience of farming! 


  1. Love it! I think a family is the icing on the cake for a farm.

  2. What a fun gathering! When are you and Charlie going to be Grandparents--this is such exciting news TOO! I love the new(?) sign and the "baby picures" of your beautiful goats. Now will get to reading "backwards in your blog so I can catch up--a worthy aim achievable only in blog reading, I fear!! Are you going to plant blueberrries, too? Finch's blueberry nursery in Bailey, NC is a great and helpful source...they don't take much to keep up and thrive on tree chip mulch, too!