Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Row Covers

Plants under the row covers
With the colder weather finally upon us, we had to get the greens in the field under row covers. First, we loaded up with clothespins.
 This makes the process smoother by freeing our hands to hold row cover and attach pins! 
Then we put hoops of wire into the ground in order to make supports. 

 Then we covered the supports with a covering and pinned the tops of the supports in order to hold the covering.
 This will theoretically (and hopefully!) keep things from getting hit by the frosts and from getting too cold to keep growing.
Ah, theories and hope.  What we don't have pictured is what happened when the wind blew and tore the row covers, attracting Sofie's attention.  She was a very helpful puppy and enjoyed playing with the flapping white stuff.  (At night, maybe it's hard to see--maybe it was a run-a-way chicken needing to be rescued or a large owl needing to chased away.)  Such is the life of a farmer.  So we now have some plants covered, some uncovered, a lot of young lettuce in the refrigerator and electric fencing around what's left.  Fortunately, the weather's been warm the past few days.  We're due for some below freezing temperatures at night later this week--and just when the broccoli is beginning to head.  We'll let you know if we get any to eat.     

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