Monday, March 12, 2012

Sophie and the Egg

Sophie licking and cracking open her egg
In the morning there are sometimes eggs that have been laid during the night and in random places in the coops. Because they are not in the nesting boxes, these eggs are sometimes cracked or broken. Sophie, our livestock guardian dog gets these eggs. She takes them from our hands very gingerly, then carries them off where she lays down and lightly breaks a hole in the shell and licks out the inside of the egg. It is fascinating to watch such a large dog handle the eggs so gently!
FYI--the dark line on her face is a healing "scratch" she received one night a week or so ago, probably from running into a branch while chasing a predator away.  We heard her barking for a long time during the night and she greeted us at morning opening with a long gash.  It's healing well and never has seemed to bother her at all.

Here is a short video of Sophie and her egg:

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