Thursday, March 8, 2012

Necessities of Spring

Piles 'o' weeds aka chicken appetizers!
With spring just around the corner, one of the major necessities is to weed seemingly everything! We tackled the asparagus and garlic beds recently, which resulted in the monstrous piles of weeds you see in the photo above! Luckily, we heavily mulched the garlic with straw when we planted, so did not have so many weeds there. However, we were concerned that the straw on the asparagus may harbor insects that could harm the plants, so there were more weeds there to take care of. We are going to spread last year's leaves around the asparagus in the hopes of that acting as a good mulch and weed suppressant!


  1. Now is a good time for us to weed as well, we just had a lot of rain and it makes pulling the weeds up much easier. I know you guys do everything there anything you spray weeds with that wont harm the enviroment or soil? Just wondered?

  2. We don't spray weeds. We pull them & feed them to the chickens or we ignore them or we let the chickens into the garden to dine directly. If they are between rows we mow them and call them "living mulch."