Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sofie and the Snapper

It is soon becoming the time when snapping turtles lumber out of their hibernation in our bottom land and meander across the lower pasture to the large pond.  A year ago this time, Sofie met her first snapper, up a bit too close and personal.  The "snap" of the turtle left a scratch on her nose but she was otherwise unscathed and we moved her to another area while the turtle continued her walk to the pond.  
This is not the snapper that got Sofie; it is a photo from a few days afterward showing how curious she still is about these large creatures appearing in what she considers her territory.

As we continue to have freezing nights, the turtles may not be up and about for a while but when they appear, Sofie will probably bark again at these large creatures in the space she is assigned to protect.  

Sophie resting after meeting the snapping turtle.

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