Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moving the animals

Small Hen-a-bago next to the pond
We have moved our animals to other parts of the farm, into a new pasture that has recently been completely fenced.  While the chickens and goats can be contained by electric netting, Sofie, our livestock guardian dog, needs a "real" electric fence to define the border of her "patrol" area.  As we have three smaller groups for her to protect she roams the larger area in which the smaller enclosures are fenced.  Sofie really loves being in this larger pasture!

The goats now have a view of the creek bed and the smaller flock of Delaware chickens have a view of the pond. The large flock of chickens (Rhode Island Red and Partridge Rock) have gone to the oat field--yes the one we planted a few months ago.  We rotate our animals around the farm in order to  keep them from eating all of the fresh seeds and grass on the pastures, to give the pastures a chance to rest, and as a form of parasite control on the pastures. The animals also provide a healthy source of fertilizer for the soil.  The garden should grow really well this year!
Delaware layers next to the pond

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