Friday, July 8, 2011

Name Tags for the Goats

Jan with one of the tagged goats
Last week we rounded up the Nigerian dwarf goats in order to put name tags on them. We figured that since Sofie is our working dog, and the goats are our pets, they needed to have name tags!
Jan trying to coax the goats out of their collars
The biggest trick was rounding up the goats! It was a scramble--cornering the goats in their house, grabbing them, and holding them while they bleated! After a few bleats they calmed down and stopped wiggling. Eventually, Tawny, Simon, and Gabe all had their name tags on and seemed eager to be free to roam again.
Simon. Simon, the youngest, has some growing to do; his tag hangs just above the ground!
Gabe, the blue-eyed one and the oldest

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